Electrical Upgrade of the Berkeley Library Underway

A major electrical upgrade of the Berkeley Library had now commenced for an initial period of four weeks (from Monday 21st August up to Sunday 17th September).

The project will focus on the first and second floors of the Berkeley, consisting primarily of a comprehensive rewiring programme and the installation of new lights and smoke detectors. Additional power points are also likely to be installed on a range of desks, including the postgraduate carrels. The end result will be a safer, more energy-efficient and comfortable library space.

The project schedule breaks down as follows:

  • Monday 21th August – Sunday 3rd September: electrical works on Floor 2 (top floor)
  • Monday 4th September – Sunday 17th September: electrical works on Floor 1

During each of the above two-week periods, the project team requires access to the full electrical grid on each floor. This will necessitate restricting access to Library staff only, meaning that non-Library staff and students will not have direct access to the affected floor during the periods outlined above.

The Library is keenly aware that this has the potential to be disruptive to Library users so we are implementing a series of immediate measures to offset the access restritions:

  1. A retrieval service is now in operation for fetching any books required on a floor that is undergoing maintenance. This will be run through the main service counter on the ground floor (Iveagh Hall). Users can request books in person at the counter or by e-mailing requests ahead of time to library@tcd.ie (e-mail is the preferred option as it will allow us to process requests more efficiently).
  2. Carrels in other parts of the BLU Complex will be offered on a first-come, first-served temporary basis to those directly affected by ongoing works. Anyone interested in this option should contact Iris Bedford (ibedford@tcd.ie).
  3. If a carrel holder needs access to retrieve personal items they can drop by the main service counter on the ground floor (Iveagh Hall) and a Library staff member will escort them up.
  4. If a Library user needs to re-use the same books over a number of days they will be able to leave those books on the trolleys to the right of the main service counter (just outside the Counter Reserve area).

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience the electrical upgrade project may cause. The Library is determined to do everything in its power to continue to provide a comfortable environment for research and study. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Peter Dudley (Sub-Librarian, Reading Rooms Services & Space): peter.dudley@tcd.ie.