Reader’s Choice: Improving Access to Academic Books with Patron-Driven Acquisition

Update: E-Books Now Live.

Our eagle-eyed readers will have spotted some of the 140,000 (and growing) UK Legal Deposit e-books that we have access to via our Library PCs. Some of the major UK academic publishers have now moved to e-deposit only, such as Taylor & Francis, Routledge and Sage. The Library understands that the access restrictions can be a barrier to research, and so we are inviting TCD staff and students to select, when needed, an additional copy for our collection. Integrated with our catalogue are thousands of records for available titles which can be selected; half are print books and half are e-books. Print books can be ordered with a lead time of approximately three weeks, and on arrival the book will be reserved for you. E-books are available immediately and wherever you are working by using your Trinity login.

New database trial: CAIRN: French-language E-Books and E-Journals

French language E-Books and E-Journals available online. Trial period: 15 February 2016 – 14 April 2016.

TCD Library has arranged a two-month trial of Cairn’s E-Books and E-Journals.

Cairn, the French equivalent of Project Muse, is an online collection of publications in the French language, in the area of humanities and social sciences. Created in 2005 by four Belgian and French academic publishers, Cairn is now providing selected  resources from 130 publishing houses.

During the trial we have access to more than 400 journals and 4,000 books of which, there are 2,200 research books (monographs, proceedings, other collective works) from French and Belgian publishers (Autrement, De Boeck, La Découverte, éres, éditions Mardaga, PUF, ENS, La Documentation française, Presses de Sciences Po and Quae).

The site has both French and English interfaces. It is available on and off campus during the trial.

This resource can also be accessed from the Trial Databases tab of the Library’s Databases and E-Books page.

New database trial: Foreign Office Files for China, 1919-1980

Adam Mathew Digital is providing TCD Library with an eight-week trial period (until 23/03/2016) for the database: Foreign Office Files for China, 1919-1980.*

The six parts of this collection make available all British Foreign Office files dealing with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan between 1919 and 1980:

  • 1919-1929: Kuomintang, CCP and the Third International
  • 1930-1937: The Long March, civil war in China and the Manchurian Crisis
  • 1938-1948: Open Door, Japanese war and the seeds of communist victory
  • 1949-1956: The Communist revolution
  • 1957-1966: The Great Leap Forward
  • 1967-1980: The Cultural Revolution

TCD Library has 4 collections from Adam Matthew: Eighteenth Century Journals: Sections I and II; India, Raj and Empire and Virginia Company Archives.

If you are affiliated to TCD, you can access this database trial from this post or via the Library’s home page Databases and E-Books link, under the Trial Databases tab.

*Please note that PDF download options are not available during this trial. The trial will end 23/03/2016.

Any queries to Clíona Ní Shúilleabháin, Electronic Resources Librarian

Crime, Punishment, and Popular Culture: database trial

On trial … Gale is providing TCD Library with a six-week trial period for the database: Crime, punishment and popular culture, 1790-1920 on Gale Cengage’s Artemis platform.

If your interest is in 19th century crime fact or fiction, this database will be of interest to you.

Contents include: documents relating to the development of forensic techniques; detective agency records; prisoner photographs; newspaper reports; ‘true crime’ literature; police force records; prison postcards; penny dreadfuls, dime novels, detective fiction and mysteries; ephemera, murder ballads, crimes dramatized; manuscript collections from well-known figures; crime-related broadsides and prints.

TCD Library has 9 other resources on the Artemis platform. All resources on the platform may be searched individually or as a group. See the TCD Library Stella Record: Artemis Primary Sources

Crime, punishment and popular culture: Trial period: January 2016 –  mid February 2016

If you are affiliated to TCD, you can access this database trial from this post or via the Library’s home page Databases and E-Books link, under the Trial Databases tab.


Open Book Publishers. Free, scholarly ebooks. Membership trial: 29/1/15-28/2/15

A trial membership for this collection of open access, free, scholarly ebooks is currently available until the end of February, via the Library’s Databases and Ebooks page, Trial Databases tab.

Open Book Publishers is a non-profit organisation established, by academics in Cambridge, to publish rigorously peer-reviewed Open Access monographs. To date, 51 titles in the humanities and social sciences by some of the world’s best known scholars (including Amartya Sen and Noam Chomsky) have been published.

For an annual membership fee, member libraries can allow the full range of formatted digital editions (pdf, epub, mobi) to be freely downloaded by any registered library users. The Library could also allow any digital edition of titles to be uploaded to the library’s own digital repository or ebook collection, to keep permanently. A 15% discount is granted to any registered member of the university library (staff/student/alumnus) on the sales of any printed edition of Open Book Publisher titles, purchased from its website.