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Welcome to the TCD MPhil in Textual and Visual Studies: Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries

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Designed for well-qualified arts graduates (or those who have attained an equivalent level) this interdisciplinary postgraduate programme explores the complex relationship between textual and visual forms of apprehension and expression in the modern world, and their impact on European culture post-1900. The focus of the two core modules2 will be on the graphic arts (poster, typography), photography, cinema, and contemporary digital-based media. Various theoretical approaches will be explored in relation to the word/image problematic as manifested in a number of European cultural traditions. Optional modules3 will focus on specific media (photography, cinema) or themes (the city, avant-gardes, national identity). The aim of the course will be to bring students to a high level of theoretical and practical awareness of the text-image relation in cultural expression, to equip them to analyse and evaluate the various forms text/image interaction takes, and to provide them with a training that will enrich their practice in other areas of study or professional engagement. Interested? Please contact the Course Director John Murray (

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