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Peer Learning Initiative 2015


Brief history

  • Started in 2001 (1 language)
  • Now available to some 250 first-year students studying 8 different languages - French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Polish, Russian, Spanish
  • Available to more senior students on some courses, and on non-language courses
  • 2012 Pilot PL + S2S

How does it work?

  • SF students – peer tutors – are matched up with small groups of JF students – tutees – in 1 of their languages (the ab-initio language as appropriate)
  • Groups meet once or twice a week for language practice & course-related discussions
  • Agenda is set by tutees

Aims and benefits

Peer learning offers

–Student-student support & encouragement
–A less formal learning environment
–Collaborative companionship & learning
–Opportunity to develop effective study/learning strategies
–Academic & personal development


How can you take part?

Group lists (Tutors matched with tutees)

Tutor-tutee meetings

–Class visits


Sessions start in week 2/3


More information

Peer-learning coordinators: