Online Surveys using Survey Monkey

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Online Surveys with Survey Monkey 2nd May 10:00-11:30 Trinity Book Now

Prerequisites: Participants should be familiar with PC usage. No prior knowledge of Survey Monkey is required. * Please note it is not necessary to purchase a licence to attend this course. To use Survey Monkey users must purchase a license at The licence types are available here.

Course Topics: Survey Monkey is a simple but effective way of enabling anyone to create professional online surveys quickly and easily. With Survey Monkey a user can select from over 20 types of questions to include within their survey, in addition 50 survey templates are available in a variety of categories. Survey Monkey can validate answers, set restrictions on numbers of responses and cut-off dates. The service allows the analysis of data in real-time, the browsing of individual responses and the downloading of results in various formats. The service is quite easy to use after an initial introduction; we do suggest that you attend one of our introductory courses, in preparation for using Survey Monkey. This course will highlight the core features of the service providing a step-by-step guide in how to create and publish a simple survey and collect responses.

Duration: This course takes place over a single 2-hour session

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Presenters: David Hamill




Online Surveys Using Survey Monkey
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