Telephone services

IT Services provides the central telephone services for Trinity. Towards the end of this page you will find links to instructions on how to use the internal phones as well as forms for submitting requests for new phone extensions, mobile phones, phone extension moves and more. As the majority of these service incur a cost to the requesting area, please make sure that all work and expenditure has been authorised by your Head of Area before submitting any request.

Who can use this service


Getting started

New staff may wish to follow the relevant links below to have voicemail setup on their internal phone extension and should become familiar with the Trinity telephone instrument instructions which outline how to carry out basic actions such as dialling an external number from an internal phone line, calling a Trinity extension from a Trinity mobile, or how to place a call on hold or transfer a call. Different phone lines will have varying access to call external phone numbers and/or mobile phone numbers.

Reporting extension faults

For general enquiries or fault reporting please contact the IT Service Desk.

Mitel IP handsets - Not Configured No Service

If a device displays the above message, press the top left function button, enter the extension number and press the down arrow button. The phone will then re-register and service will resume.


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Please note that some requests will require a Purchase Order. Purchase Orders should be raised in iProc. Please search the Main Store for ITSTEL and you will be presented with the Telephone Services Catalouge.