Saving your data in Trinity

saving files

There are several options for where to save your files when working in the IT Services computer rooms:


  • The best option is to upload data files to your Drive facility in MyZone, available from the 'Google Apps' menu button at the top-right after signing in at You have unlimited storage in this account, and it is accessible from any internet connected device.

USB Memory Key

  • Always backup important work to USB memory key for safe keeping.
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Important to note

  • Please be aware that the default save location from applications such as MS Word is a personal filestorage folder, available from whatever Trinity computer you log into. However, this folder has a 100MB capacity.

  • When working in the IT Services computer rooms do not only save work directly to the computer you are using. Save it to one of the above locations as work saved directly to the computer will be deleted when you log out.

  • MyZone is available to graduates as well as current Trinity students, so saving your files on your MyZone Drive will mean they are accessible after you graduate from your studies.

Information video on saving your files

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