IT Facilities for Teaching & Learning


Several major lecture theatres and seminar rooms in Trinity have lecturers’ PCs, or both PCs and Apple Macs, connected to data projectors and many have additional audiovisual equipment installed. Further information is available on the lecture theatre audio-visual facilities web pages.

A number of IT Services Computer Rooms are equipped with data projection facilities. These may be booked for practical sessions and workshops by contacting the Enquiries Office.

Teaching staff use e-mail to communicate with their students. To facilitate this mailing lists of students exist for both courses and modules within courses. See the web page about Trinity Mailing Lists.

For anything more than short messages email is a less efficient method of distributing material than making it available in one place for students to copy. Teaching staff should consider the alternative option of making material available online via the Blackboard Learn VLE ( Trinity's e-Learning team supports best practice in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to enhance student learning within Trinity, and to advise on issues of policy, structure and future developments in educational technology. This centre offers pedagogic advice, staff development and project support with e-learning technologies and techniques. Interested staff should consult the e-Learning website.