IT Facilities for Teaching & Learning

teaching staff

A range of teaching and learning facilities are provided to enable staff at Trinity to deliver a world class education.

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is Trinity’s VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) it provides the most efficient method of supplying your students access to learning materials for your courses and communicating module announcements to each registered cohort. It can be used to carry out assessments and provide feedback for your coursework, and many other formative assessment and teaching methodologies. Blackboard Learn is accessible at If you have queries as to your access or the modules you are registered on speak to your School Admin. If you have questions or require support on using Blackboard Learn for teaching and learning, instructional design and development of modules, academic professional development, and any activities associated with the discipline of teaching, please refer to the CAPSL e-Learning for staff page .


Panopto: the Panopto Lecture Capture Service allows you to record, edit, share and stream video, audio, PowerPoint and screen capture content for audiences such as your staff colleagues, your students, and other third parties or the public. It manages your recordings for you using a cloud based content management storage system. You can also record from within Blackboard ( and post directly to your module. At present, this service is available in all Senior Lecturer Area PCs and Macs, on all Macs in St. James's lecture theatres, in the TBSI Tercentenary and Quek Theatres, and Trinity Theatre in Tallaght Hospital. Trinity staff can also install the Panopto software on their own device (PC, Mac, iOS, and Android) to make screen-capture recordings, or video recordings. More information is available on the Panopto service page

Computer Room

Computer Rooms: a number of IT Services Computer Rooms are equipped with data projection facilities. MS Office applications are installed on all the computers, and a wider portfolio of specialised software to meet the needs of certain courses is available in specific rooms, for a complete list of the software available in each room, see our software catalogue. Wondering where the rooms are? Have a look at the computer room map, and the live availability of computers in each room. These rooms may be booked for practical sessions and workshops by contacting the Enquiries Office.


Software: our Software Catalogue is a list of what applications and where they are available across Trinity. Staff can avail of software under the Site Licenses Trinity has purchased on behalf of staff. These include: Microsoft Campus Agreement, McAfee Anti-Virus Software, SPSS, Edras Imagine, ArcGIS, Mathematica, MATLAB, LabVIEW. Please read our software for staff web page for further detail.

Huddle Spaces

Huddle Spaces: a huddle space is a well-equipped, high-tech space that small groups can use to boost collaboration and share images, videos, presentations and more content easily. Huddle Spaces are now available in the Computer Room in Room 4066 in the Arts Building. You don’t need to book a Huddle Space in Room 4066 – just come along and it’s first come, first served.

Lecture theatres / Seminar Room

Lecture theatres / Seminar Rooms: a list of all the available Senior Lecturer Pool Rooms, in the most part your lecture rooms will be booked by your School Admin, in the case that you need a room for exceptional purposes you can contact the Enquiries Office. For assistance with the AV equipment in the Senior Lecturer Pool Rooms, or to report a fault, users should contact the IT Service Desk. For assistance with slide projection or overhead projection equipment please contact the Campus Superintendent Sandra Fox at ext. 3437.

Lecture room audio visual

Lecture room audio visual: several major lecture theatres and seminar rooms in Trinity have lecturers’ PCs, or both PCs and Apple Macs, connected to data projectors and many have additional audiovisual equipment installed. Further information on capacity, equipment in each room is available on the lecture theatre audio-visual facilities web pages.

Video Classroom

Video Classroom: video recording facilities for consisting of a four camera classroom studio with separate control room are provided in Room 3131, Arts Building. A separate playback system is also provided. The equipment in this room facilitates video editing and both disc and podcast recordings. Please contact the IT Service Desk to place a request to use this service.

Media production

Media production: a range of high quality Video, Audio and Photographic production services are available for staff to engage with.

OMR (Optical Mark Reader)

OMR is a facility for the automated processing of the results of multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ) forms. The OMR software can read the candidates' responses on the answer sheets and convert them into an electronic format, allowing for the statistical analysis of the responses or further processing in a package such as Excel. This data is processed using a program called Speedwell Multiquest. To get started using this service, you first must read the OMR manual and book a course with the IT Service Desk.

Mailing lists

Mailing lists: teaching staff may also use e-mail to communicate with their students. To facilitate this mailing lists of students exist for both courses and modules within courses.