Connecting your device

You can connect a wide range of devices to the Trinity data network. You may wish to connect a PC or Mac to the 'wired' network in offices and labs or to the staff Wi-Fi service. Certain mobile devices can be configured for the staff Wi-Fi service too.

Using a pre-owned Computer

Starting as a new member of staff, you may inherit a computer that had been previously used by another member of your department. In these circumstances you will need to have your ownership and control of the computer registered with IT Services. This change of ownership needs to be confirmed with IT Services by your Head of Area who should email the IT Service Desk with the relevant information. In some areas the Head of Area has devolved this function to another member of staff. Our IT Service Desk has a list of departments where this arrangement is in place - email the IT Service Desk for details.

Once your ownership of the computer has been confirmed IT Services will be able to configure the machine, giving you appropriate permissions to manage it. For example, once your ownership is confirmed you will be able to install new software on the computer.