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Application Name Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
Application Type Microsoft Office
Supplier Microsoft
Description Presentation software
Full Description Microsoft's presentation software - part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications.
Supplier site
Available Version(s) 2013
For PC/Mac/Linux? PC/Mac
Where do I get this software?
Is this software available in IT Services computer rooms? Y
Staff terms and conditions of use MS Office Suite of applications is licenced for use by all College Staff Members under the MS Campus Agreement. Full time staff can also apply for a copy of the software for work use on their own home workstation but must complete an application form.
Student terms and conditions of use Students must purchase their own licensed copy of the software.
Where do I get support for this application? Supported by IT Services
Can I get training for this application from IT Services?
Can I get additional information re updates, etc?
What other information do I need to know? Courses are also available from IS Services. Please refer to the course timetable on our IS Services website.