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Application Name Microsoft Project
Application Type Project Management
Supplier Microsoft
Description Microsoft tool for managing your projects effectively and efficiently.
Full Description Project is a Microsoft tool to help plan and manage projects by setting up projects quickly, keeping project teams aligned, and by tracking and analyzing projects to keep them efficient and effective.
Supplier site
Available Version(s) 2016
For PC/Mac/Linux? PC
Where do I get this software?
Is this software available in IT Services computer rooms? Y
Is this software available via MyTrinityApps?
Staff terms and conditions of use Staff must purchase their own license for MS Project under the MS Select agreement with Micromail.
Student terms and conditions of use Students must purchase their own license for MS Project.
Where do I get support for this application? Not Supported by IT Services
Can I get training for this application from IT Services?
Can I get additional information re updates, etc?
What other information do I need to know? Installation disk is available from the IT Service Desk