Keeping IT secure


Our aim is to provide support and guidance to keep staff and students proactive rather than reactive where IT security it concerned.

There is a published IT Security Policy which all Trinity staff and students are obliged to adhere to. This document and its supporting material outlines Trinity Policy as well as advising on practical ways that all members of the University can help to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of Trinity information technology resources.

What you can do

IT security incidents are reported every year and all users of the Trinity data network have a responsibility to ensure that they have taken all possible steps to keep their data secure, whether they are using Trinity-owned or privately-owned machines. For more information on what you can do please use the links on the left to find out how to protect yourself from IT security threats.

Phishing awareness

The most frequent cause of IT security incidents are phishing emails, fraudulent emails that are hoping to trick you into providing your computer account login details or other personal information. It's important that staff and students be familiar with how to recognise phishing emails and handle them appropriately.