Staff Wi-Fi - How to connect - macOS X

Submit a network request

You can only follow the instructions below once your network request has been processed and you have received an email from IT Services with important configuration information. If you have not yet submitted a network request, please follow the network request link to do so.

To connect your computer to TCDwireless network

  1. On the menu bar, click Wi-Fi icon make sure Wi-Fi is on.

  2. Click the Wi-Fi Icon again and select Join other network.

  3. On the Enter the name of the network page, under Network Name, type TCDwireless.

  4. For Security, select WPA2 Enterprise.

  5. For Mode, select Automatic

  6. For Username, type your Trinity computer account username

  7. For Password, type your Network Login password.

  8. Select Remember this network check box.

  9. Click Join.

Note: You may receive several prompts after joining the TCDwireless network:

    • If you get a message referring to 802.1X Authentication - enter your College username and Network Login password and click OK.
    • You may get a further prompt to Verify Certificate - choose to Show Certificate and select the box beside Always trust "TCDwlan" before clicking Continue.
    • If a further prompt appears relating to eaptlstrust then enter the Administrative username and password for your Mac, before clicking OK.
    • If the 802.1X Authentication prompt appears again then enter your College username and network login password and click OK.