Wi-Fi Services--Wi-Fi connectivity issue in High Density Wi-Fi locations

IT Services have identified an issue with some Windows laptops being unable to connect to College Wi-Fi services in certain High Density Wi-Fi locations around College. If affected then you may find that when you are in one of these High Density locations Windows displays a message ‘No Internet Access’ or you may experience limited internet connectivity with no web pages displaying.

This issue affects a small number of Windows laptops once they start using a wireless encryption setting called 'WPA2 Enterprise'. This WPA2 Enterprise setting is required to allow devices to connect more securely and at higher speeds to the College Wi-Fi services. IT Services are currently deploying new wireless access points which take advantage of the higher speeds in some locations but the issue identified means that some laptops cannot connect to these newer access points without intervention. This issue has been reported by other institutions using High Density Wi-Fi and usually affects devices running Windows and that have Broadcom wireless network adapters.

If you believe you are experiencing the issues outlined above then please follow the instructions below to update the driver software for your wireless network adapter.

Update wireless network adapter driver software

  1. If using Windows 8/8.1: Go to the Start Screen and type Device Manager to begin a search - you'll see the search window appear on the right
    Is using Windows 7: Click on the Start button and in the Search Programs and Files search box type Device Manager

  2. Open Device Manager from the search results

  3. Expand the Network Adapters section and then right-click on the Broadcom 802.11n or DELL Wireless 1504 802.11b/g/n (2.4Ghz) network adapter and select Properties. If your wireless adapter is not listed as one of these two options then please see our advice below on getting further assistance with this issue.

  4. Select the Driver tab and check if the Driver Provider is listed as Microsoft. If so then select Update Driver. If the Driver Provider is not listed as Microsoft then please see our advice below on getting further assistance with this issue.

  5. Select Browse my computer for driver software

  6. Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

  7. Select the Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter (Broadcom) entry from the list, and click Next to change the provider from Microsoft to Broadcom. Once this is complete close the Device Manager windows. If you do not see a listing with ‘(Broadcom)’ in the name then please see our advice below on getting further assistance with this issue.

Your device should now connect to the College Wi-Fi service. If the Wi-Fi connection is unsuccessful then restart your computer and try to reconnect to the Wi-Fi.

Further assistance

Staff who require further assistance with any of the items covered on this page should contact the IT Service Desk.

Students who require further assistance should book into a TCDconnect network clinic.