Staff Wi-Fi - How to connect your Android device

The information below outlines how registered Trinity staff can connect an Android mobile device to the Staff Wi-Fi service. Those using the service will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions during the connection process. Before connecting you are advised to read through our web page regarding good IT security practices for those using mobile devices.

The connection of staff mobile devices to the Staff Wi-Fi service is considered to be a self-supported service and so no additional support beyond the information on this website is available from the IT Service Desk.

Supported devices & requirements

The service is currently available to staff with an Android phone or table, running Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) and later. This service requires, for security, that you have a passcode lock set for your device. The requirement for a passcode lock is to prevent unauthorised access to the University's IT systems in the event of loss or theft of the device.

Registration & connection steps

To register your Android device for the staff Wi-Fi service follow the instructions below.

  1. Your device must be connected to 3G or a home Wi-Fi network - not an existing College Wi-Fi network

  2. Download the ‘TCD WIFI Registration’ app from Google Play
    (The full address is

  3. Once installed, launch the app and follow the prompts within the app to register your device. At the top-right of the app is a navigation arrow button. You need tap this to continue through the app until you see the button 'Register device' - tap this. You will need to enter your TCD username and network login password, agree to the terms, select a registration period and submit your device details to IT Services. 

  4. If using Android 5 or earlier, then within 10 minutes of completing the procedure in Step 3 above you will receive an email to say your device can now be used on the staff Wi-Fi network and you can proceed to Step 5 below.

    Those using Android 6 or later will receive an email asking you to fill out and submit an online form. This is required following a security change made by Google which prevents the TCD WIFI Registration app from submitting all the details required to connect your device. After you submit the form the details will need to be manually registered by IT Services and within 3-5 days you will receive confirmation that you can connect your device and proceed to Step 5 below.

  5. After you receive the confirmation email, launch the app again, and tap to ‘Save Wi-Fi Profile’ settings to your device. Ultimately, if this is not working as intended then it is also possible to manually enter the Wi-Fi profile/settings - see the ‘Manual settings’ section below.

  6. Now you can turn Wi-Fi on once more (if you had turned it off in step 1) and your device should auto-connect to the TCD Staff Wi-Fi service.

Troubleshooting connectivity

Note when saving the Wi-Fi Profile to your device in step 5 above that this functionality has not been tested across all Android devices. The app attempts to save the Wi-Fi Profile to the device and this is outside the control of the app itself. Different manufacturers can and do have slightly different ways of implementing this facility and so it may not work as intended in all cases. If the Wi-Fi Profile does not connect try the following steps:

  • Check that you have received the email outlined in step 4 above, confirming your device is registered for the TCDwireless network

  • Most staff who have problems report that the device does not connect automatically on first attempt. Always wait and see if the device returns a specific error message.  Disabling and Re-enabling Wi-Fi on your device can also help at this point.

  • Try re-entering your password on the 'TCDwireless' Wi-Fi Profile:
    • Navigate to your devices Settings app and Wi-Fi settings menu.
    • Modify the existing TCDwireless profile.
    • Enter your TCD username if it is not present and your network login password
    • Try connecting once again
    • Disabling and Re-enabling Wi-Fi on your device can also help at this point

  • Try removing the Wi-Fi Profile and entering the Wi-Fi settings manually as outlined below. Usually there is an ‘add network’ function in your device’s network settings that will allow you to do this: 

    Manual Settings

    After receiving the registration email in step 4 above it is possible to create the Wi-Fi Profile manually. In this case you would not have to follow step 5 in the steps above. To create the Wi-Fi Profile manually you will need to enter the following settings:

    Network name: TCDwireless  (this is case sensitive)
    Security or Network Type: 802.1x EAP
    EAP Method: PEAP
    Phase-2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
    Identity: Enter your College username
    Password: Enter your TCD network login password

Getting help

Please note that the connection of staff mobile devices to the Trinity Wi-Fi network is considered to be a self-supported service and so you may find it useful to refer to the Troubleshooting section above and to consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for this service. If you encounter technical difficulties please contact the IT Service Desk.