Offices & Labs--Network printing--Windows 7

To connect to a network printer you must know the 'printer name' of the printer you are connecting to. This can be obtained from a configuration sheet printout from the printer and is provided by IT Services after you have submitted the network request for the printer. Once you have determined the 'printer name' follow these steps:

  1. Click Start Windows Start Button, select Control Panel, then open Devices and Printers.

  2. Click Add a printer.

  3. On the Choose a local or network printer window, select Add a local printer.

  4. On the Choose a printer port window, select Create a new port, then select Standard TCP/IP Port from the selection box. Click Next.

    Create a New Port

  5. On the Type a printer hostname or IP address window, ensure the Device Type option is set to Autodetect.
  6. Type the assigned printername in the Hostname or IP address box. Select Query the printer and automatically and select the driver to use check box, then click Next.

    Enter IP Address

  7. If you are prompted for the driver to use, choose to use the existing driver.
  8. Specify a name for the printer, e.g. Office Printer or Upstairs Printer.
  9. You can choose to set the printer as the default printer if you wish.
  10. The printer will then be installed. Once the pane appears advising you the installation was successful, you can choose to print a test page and click Finish.