Maintaining College websites--SSH Secure Shell configuration

Logging on to the College web server and transferring files using SSH Secure File Transfer

Before you begin, make sure you install SSH Secure Shell. For Mac users IT Services recommend FileZilla.

  1. To start SSH Secure Shell
    Double-click on the SSHSecureFileTransferClient shortcut on the desktop.
    On the Start menu, go to All Programs > SSH Secure Shell > Secure File Transfer Client.
  2. SSH Location Boxes

  3. Click the File menu and select Connect.
  4. In the Host Name field type
    if you are logging on to the staff web server.
    or if you are logging on to the student web server.
  5. In the User Name field type your username. Click connect.
  6. Type your webauthor password, then click OK. Local files and folders are displayed on the left. Remote files and folders are displayed on the right. By default you will see your Home folder there -- /home/u/username. If your password is not accepted, check if your webauthor password has expired.
  7. To change the Remote Folder you are working on, click the Operation menu and select Go to Folder. Type the path of the web site are working on in the form / e.g. /
  8. On the left, select a Local Folder that will contain your web pages on your computer.

    You can add these folder locations to a list of Favourites that can be displayed by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of the location box. To add them as favourites, click Add beside the folder location box.
  9. SSH Add Location

  10. You can now copy files to and from the web server by dragging and dropping them from one side of the screen to the other.

  11. To save the current settings in a Profile, click the File menu and select Profiles > Add Profile. Type a profile name and click Add to Profiles. To load a profile, click the File menu and select your profile name.