Your options for storing files & folders (data)

As a staff member or student, you have several options for the storing, saving and sharing of your personal files and data. On this page, you'll find a short description of several different options along with links on how to get started with that option.

When storing data you should consider the type of data that you are storing, where you will want to access it from, who you will need to share it with and then choose an appropriate storage method.

(Please note that if you are collecting, processing and storing personal data you need to ensure that you are in compliance with the Irish Data Protection Act.)

Store Data on College computers and mobile devices

All staff store data on their College provided Computers, Laptops, Phones, tablets and removable Storage devices. It is important to ensure that this data is held securely, staff should ensure that they have anti-virus software installed that their devices are configured securely and that mobile devices are encrypted to protect data in the event of theft or loss of the device.

It is also essential to ensure that important data is backed up regularly.

Store and share data online with Microsoft OneDrive

The best option for storing and sharing data online is via your College provided Microsoft OneDrive account. OneDrive provides you with 1TB of personal cloud storage which will allow you to save all types of files and data (word documents, pdfs, folders, photographs, video files, etc.) safely and securely on the internet. Because you are storing your files online, you will be able to access them from any internet-connected device using your Trinity username and password.

You can access OneDrive through Office 365 at

What type of data can I store in OneDrive?

OneDrive is suitable for all your day-to-day document storage needs. IT Services encourages staff to use OneDrive rather than public cloud services such as Dropbox.

In OneDrive all of your data will be securely hosted by Microsoft in Europe in compliance with relevant legislation such as the Data Protection Act.
Staff should note however that OneDrive does not replace the requirement for information systems or databases to store large datasets and may not be suitable for the large scale storage of critically sensitive data such as Medical data. Further advice can be obtained from IT Services.

Staff should be aware that the security of their data online in Microsoft OneDrive is dependent on the strength and privacy of their College username and password. Remember to use a strong password, do not reuse it for other internet services and stay vigilant against phishing attempts.

Store data and share data with staff and students on the College Network

The NAS (Network Attached Storage) service allows staff and students in College to store data on a central network server, to provide a secure central access point to a large set of data with round-the-clock availability.

This centralised data can be securely shared out to selected staff and students by managing the relevant permissions, based on their College username. NAS data storage folders can be connected to by the approved end users from any computer connected to the College network and from computers connected via the staff VPN service, which allows staff to connect to the College network when off site.

For more information see the Network Storage Service Page

Personal Filestorage

All staff and students have an allocation of 100MB of Personal Filestorage in the form of a folder on a central 'quota' server which can be accessed from any computer on the College network or from any computer with an internet connection. This filestorage can be used to house your data such as word documents and images. Learn more about Personal Filestorage.

Get and Put Folders

Get and Put folders are a facility on the College network that allow lecturers and students to share files. For example, a member of the teaching staff can make assignments or lecture notes available in a 'Get' folder where they can then be collected by students. Students can then submit their assignment to a corresponding 'Put' folder from where it can be collected by their lecturer. Learn more about Get & Put Folders.

Quick Reference Grid for Data Storage

Storage Type

Safe and Secure

How much Storage is available

Accessible from the Internet

Share with staff and students

Share with external collaborators

College Computers and mobile devices


Device Specific




Microsoft OneDrive


1 Terabyte

Network Attached Storage




Personal Filestorage

100 MB




Get and Put Folders

100 MB



*All staff should follow the latest guidance from IT Services to ensure their devices are safe and secure, mobile devices must be password protected and encrypted.
** All staff should ensure that their password is strong and private and never used for other Internet Services. OneDrive is not suitable for the large-scale storage of critically sensitive data such as Medical data or large databases of personal data.
*** Can be accessed remotely by staff using the VPN service


Who can use these services

Staff, Students

Getting started

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