Current projects

Current Projects

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Following an evaluation process which involved focus groups with representative from all areas of the Trinity community, Office 365 was selected in 2015 as the new email platform for staff. Office 365 will provide staff with a new  large 50GB exchange mailbox. Office 365 also provides users with the latest version of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) for PC, Mac and mobile devices with up to five installations available per user.  Users will also be able to avail of  1 Tb (terabyte) of personal file storage (cloud storage) on OneDrive. Once stored on OneDrive, files can be accessed from any device in any location where a connection to the Internet is available.

IT Services will move all staff email and calendars from our current Microsoft Exchange Service to Microsoft Office 365 between February and June 2016  The project to deploy Office 365 and migrate all current staff mailboxes is scheduled to complete in Q4 2016.


The DR implementation project seeks to provide the University with a highly resilient IT infrastructure that will underpin and support the day to day operation of all University activities that use core IT services.

Three of the four deliverables of this project have been completed within scope and under budget. These deliverables include:
-   Establishing an offsite disaster recovery site where critical data is backed up to and where University systems can be operated from in the event of a disaster event that affects the campus. This was delivered on time and under budget in August 2014.

-    The relocation of essential communications equipment so that the  equipment can benefit from increased resilience and superior facilities including but not limited to fire suppression, appropriate security and access controls, and a lower flood risk.

-    A communications upgrade for the University campus involving the installation of a new fibre ring. This provides the University with network resilience in the event of infrastructure failures or of damage to cables during on-campus construction projects. This project is due for completion in Q3 2017.


This is an initiative to procure and implement a cloud based Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for Trinity, with additional functionality, integrations and process improvements that will scale to meet the University’s strategic and operational needs from 2016 to 2021.  The Project Sponsor is the College Bursar and the project will be implemented by a project team in IT Services and Trinity Teaching and Learning (CAPSL). The project has two objectives. Objective 1: Remove compliance and contract risks for the University by procuring and implementing a VLE for Trinity for the period 2016-21 with the assistance of temporary Learning Technologists, if necessary, to ensure that there’s no adverse impact on current VLE usage and uptake; Objective 2:" Build for the future",  and ensure that the procured VLE includes, and is implemented with, the necessary technology, features, process improvements and integrations that will enable the University to realise the delivery of academic led operational targets and strategic initiatives such as the Trinity Education Project and Online Education. 
Having completed Objective 1 the project team is continuing to work on Objective 2. This is due for completion Q4 2017.


IT Services successfully released a new Student App and Portal called Myday in Q3 2016 which aims to give students a single application (portal) that is specifically designed to cater for the way students interact with technology and services. It provides students with a series of tiles that provide access to important University applications such as their Module Timetable, Blackboard Learn and Library.  Other information available within the app are Student Myzone, Tasks, Account Balances, Social Media feeds and Student Counselling Services. The Myday app will make a significant contribution to enhancing the Student Experience in Trinity College with further integration and development of the apps throughout the year. This app provides an intuitive interface, customisable, rich functionality and can be customised. The portal is accessible from a PC/Laptop or via the web application from anywhere. The apps are available from Google play and the iTunes app store.


IT Services continued its annual programme of audio visual equipment upgrades below to support teaching and learning in Senior Lecturer Area  pool theatres and seminar rooms, identifying locations where old equipment needs to be replaced and responding where possible to user needs.

  • JM Synge – upgraded to full HD Laser Projection
  • Thomas Davis – upgraded to full HD Laser Projection
  • Robert Emmet – upgraded to full HD Laser Projection
  • Swift – AV system upgraded to include full HD Laser Projection, scaling switcher, and preview monitor
  • Uí Chadhain – AV system upgraded to include full HD Laser Projection, scaling switcher, and preview monitor
  • Goldhall – AV system upgraded to include full HD Laser projection, system controller, and preview monitor
  • Joly – AV system upgraded to include full HD Laser projection, touch panel, system controller, visualiser, and preview monitor
  • Maxwell - AV system upgraded to include full HD Laser projection, touch panel, system controller, visualiser, and preview monitor
  • Video Conference Room 3129 – Completely upgrade to include new video conference terminal, touch control, and 2 x 65” screens
  • Beckett Room 1 – AV system upgraded to full HD projection
  • Beckett Room 3 - AV system upgraded to full HD projection
  • East End computer room 3- AV system upgraded to full HD, new screen, and audio playback system.


The objective of the Campus Network Re-architecture project is to redesign the University network and align it to current best practice design for enterprise-scale campus networks. This project will deliver new high-performance equipment and will make the network more robust and resilient. The increase in the number of distributed high-bandwidth 10 Gigabits-per-second (Gbps) links throughout campus will improve network performance and, once implemented, will be capable of supporting the performance demands of future and next generation data, voice and mobility services for University.  Approximately 80% of college buildings have now been migrated to this new high-performance “Routed” architecture and the installation of a resilient pair of 1Gbps links to the halls of residence in Dartry is being finalised, with the first of these links coming in to service in April 2016 providing a four-fold bandwidth increase to this site. All of the area migrations have been completed with minimum disruption to end users and services. This project will complete in Q2 2017.


Achieving AACSB & EQUIS accreditations and entering the Financial Times (FT) rankings are fundamental to the success of the Trinity Business School’s strategy. Attaining initial AACSB & EQUIS accreditations will involve managing large amounts of data (which will also be used on an ongoing basis for general reporting purposes in the School). An accreditation IT system is required to manage the data associated with this project. TBS’s Accreditation & Rankings (A&R) Team require support from IT Services with sourcing, installing and integrating a new system with existing College IT systems and exploiting existing College systems to access data systematically. This project will include the delivery of an appropriate accreditation data management system with which TBS may apply for, and maintain, AACSB and EQUIS accreditations, which will help TBS attract sufficient numbers of students to the School to fund the School’s development plan.


This project successfully delivered a new interface and automated processes to create new accounts in Google Apps for new students.  These have been linked into the new Enterprise Identity Management solution.  Password synchronisation functionality has also been developed to enable passwords to be synchronized across the main Trinity systems and, for students in the first instance, with Google.  This will be deployed as a live service in the coming months following upgrade of dependent architectural components.


An upgrade project for the University SharePoint service, which provides central document storage and automated workflow capabilities, will end in Q1 2017.  The project’s objective is to upgrade and standardise the existing SharePoint servers to latest versions. The aim is to consolidate the existing servers into a new architecture to support the controlled development, testing and deployment of SharePoint services and to provide higher availability and improved functionality.


IT Services are working with Human Resources to build a hub of web forms using SharePoint technology to support their service and process improvement programme. The project includes Staff Requisition form; Nomination form; Leaver form, Probation form and Promotions form with automated approval workflow processes. This year-long project started in February 2015 and will see the phased release of online forms. The Staff Nomination form went live in Q1 2016 and the Staff Probation form and the Staff Promotions form will go live Q1 2017. The HR Forms hub will improve the user experience by automating process and approval workflows. Reliance on external vendors has been reduced thus reducing annual maintenance fees. The hub of online forms can be further expanded for HR and other areas of the University to provide a streamlined Information hub. This project will be completed in Q1 2017.


This project was requested by the Accommodation. It involves the implementation of new modules for the Accommodation system by the next academic year's student intake in September. The Kx inspections module will provide a more consistent method for recording, evaluating and charging for damage to residential rooms. The Kx request module will enable students to request services such as overnight guests, kitchen packs, room moves and early departures using the Kx student web site. This module will make it easier for the student to make requests and streamline the office work necessary to process them. This new functionality will improve the student experience and reduce the workload in the Accommodation Office. This project will end in Q4 2016.


The Nursing attendance project is to enable the School of Nursing and Midwifery meet the requirements of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland for recording Student nursing attendance.  The early identification of students falling below required attendance levels means timely assistance can be provided to Students and will assist the maintenance of course retention rates.  Having completed a Request for Quotation process, work on confirming vendor cloud data compliance, optimum methods of attendance readings gathering and other tasks are in progress.


The 2011 review of the Office of the Vice-Provost identified the need for a University-wide Student Complaints Procedure. The objective of this project is to deliver an automated online workflow system to support the administration of Student Complaints Procedure and allow the OVP to manage the student complaint process more effectively. This new system will automate much of the administration of the procedure. It will help to provide a standard and simple experience for students lodging a complaint, will facilitate case tracking and storage of standard case data, enable standard and ad-hoc reporting, and facilitate consistent decision making. 


To realise the full benefits of the recent significant investment in the Trinity Wi-Fi network infrastructure, a corresponding enhancement and improvement in staff access to the Wi-Fi network and internet is required. To that end the Staff BYOD project will look to deliver an always-available, easy-to-use, self-service method for connecting staff laptops and mobile Wi-Fi devices. This enhancement will expand the variety of devices that can be connected to the internal cloud network and/or Internet and provide a 24 x 7 x 365 self-service automated easy connect service.


Designing, deploying and maintaining enterprise Wi-Fi networks is to some degree a continuous process. Small gaps in actual coverage relative to designed coverage are to be expected and the Wi-Fi environment can change over time due to physical space changes. Software configuration changes are used where possible. Physical Rework in the form of moving or adding additional Wi-Fi access points is required to fill in residual known coverage gaps, thus maintaining user quality expectations over time.
Wi-Fi Rework 1 will address 22 residual coverage gaps identified by surveys and user feedback via the IT Services Support Desk.
A service extension in Santry playing fields to provide coverage adjacent to the existing buildings will also be completed.  It expected this project will complete by Q4 2016.


The objectives of the Tender Frameworks initiative are to deliver a procurement framework to ensure that:
(a) Trinity's Wi-Fi goods and services needs in the coming years can be delivered with in a timely and optimally cost and quality managed manner.
(b) Trinity's wired data network access layer goods and services needs in the coming years can be delivered with in a timely and optimally cost and quality managed manner.
(c) Trinity's data cabling needs in the coming years can be delivered with in a timely, policy compliant and quality managed manner.
Anticipated benefits include;
1. Mitigate known Wi-Fi related procurement risks.
2. Organisation-optimised public procurement compliance for procurement of Wi-Fi related goods and services and works.
3. Value for money, by creating and maintaining a competitive environment against the background of recent significant Wi-Fi infrastructure investments.
4. Optimised Wi-Fi goods and service procurement fitness for purpose in terms of timeliness and quality required.
5. Optimised data-cabling design, supply, install and associated works procurement fitness for purpose in terms of timeliness and quality required.
6. Organisation-optimised public procurement compliance for procurement of data network access layer related goods and services. A proposal to proceed with the Tender Frameworks initiative was approved on 14th June 2016, with a view to completion of objectives (a) and (b) in 2016, and (c) in 2017.


The Sports Centre Upgrade project involves implementing an online booking system.  This will bring a number of key benefits to Trinity Sport.  It will improve sales and it will improve the overall customer experience by allowing them to book and pay for classes online as well as get notifications of any timetable changes, vacant booking slots for courts, halls, pitches and new classes or special offers.  It will also reduce the overhead of booking classes from current staff and need to handle cash at reception.  Sport centre staff will have more time to focus on membership sales and general enquiries and drive retention and renewals.  Further functionality of the new system will allow for better reporting on sales and customer analysis for future decision making to improve and enhance the overall service.


IT Services will deliver a new project to deploy a new Mac imaging deployment solution (Casper Suite) to install software on Mac computers in the IT Services computer rooms, theatres and seminar rooms. This tool allows us to quickly and efficiently deploy software images and offers a comprehensive approach to the complexities of client device management of Apple computers, ensuring the environment is successfully maintained. Because the Casper Suite features deep integration with core Apple technologies, it provides a seamless solution for administrators to image devices. It allows administrators to fulfil the needs of end users, while at the same time ensuring that the enterprise management requirements are met. The ability to customize the Casper Suite specific to an environment makes it capable of handling a broad range of challenges. This project will complete by Q4 2016.


IT Services is currently providing extensive consultancy and IT delivery to support Colleges Estates Building Programme of Projects. IT Services are currently working on the below projects for Trinity College.
Current Capital building projects include:

    • Trailhead – Regent Gate and Nassau Street Entrance
    • Oisin House Development
    • New Business School
    • Global Brain Health Institute


IT Services are working with the Careers Advisory Service to adopt the TARGETConnect system. TARGETConnect replaces existing fragmented systems, spreadsheets, and paper by providing a unified online system for careers services management of students, graduates,employers, and staff. The main objectives of the project will allow the Careers Advisory Service manage online, the provision of employers' vacancies, customer relationship management, event booking and management, careers news items, advisory appointments and many other items. The software is specifically designed to create efficiencies in the operations of a Careers Advisory Service at an enterprise level and as such, increase graduate employment outcomes and graduate satisfaction. IT Services will provide work on the system setup and integration of data for the system. This project will be delivered by Q2 2017.