IT Services Users Group

Terms of reference

The IT Services Users Group reports to the Library and Information Policy Committee. Subject to overall guidelines laid down by Library and Information Policy Committee, the IT Services Users Group will:

  1. Consider relevant issues relating to the provision of IT services to Trinity as they affect the user community and provide a forum for feedback
  2. Keep IT services under review and advise and comments on IT policies and strategies
  3. Review, advise and comment on plans for development of IT services for Trinity
  4. Review, advise and comment on overall quality of IT services delivered for Trinity by the IT Services department
  5. Receive reports on significant developments and events in IT Services


Membership for 2017/2018

Dr Eoin O'Dell, Law (Chair)
Lisa Quinn, IT Services (User Group Secretary)

Faculty of AHSS
Dara O'Siochain, Linguistics, Speech & Communciations

Faculty of EMS
Dr Carl Vogel, Computer Science
Dr Bidisha Ghosh, Civil, Structural & Env. Engineering

Faculty of HS
Mary O'Neill, Medicine
Trevor Woods, Pharmacy

Student Representatives
Kevin Keane, Student Union President
Shane Collins, Graduate Student Union President
Sinead McAleer, Dartry Hall JCR Tech Officer

Service Areas
Peter Foran, Corporate Services Division
Arlene Healy, Library
Lee Mills, IT Services
Teresa Logan Phelan, CAPSL
Lisa Gilroy, Psychology (IT Technical Staff)
Sean McGrath, IT Services (IT Services staff representative)

Scheduled dates of meetings

Meeting Dates for Academic Year 2017/2018*
Wednesday, 18th October 2017, 2.30pm - 4pm
Wednesday, 24th January 2018, 2.30pm - 4pm
Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 2.30pm - 4pm

*Meetings of the group shall be held three times each Academic Year or more frequently if deemed necessary.


Agendas and Minutes**

January 2018
January 2018 Agenda (PDF)

October 2017
October 2017 Agenda (PDF)
October 2017 Minutes (PDF)

April 2017
April 2017 Agenda (PDF)
April 2017 Minutes (PDF)

February 2017
February 2017 Agenda (PDF)
February 2017 Minutes (PDF)

November 2016
November 2016 Agenda (PDF)
November 2016 Minutes (PDF)

April 2016
April 2016 Agenda (PDF)
April 2016 Minutes (PDF)

February 2016
February 2016 Agenda (PDF)
February 2016 Minutes (PDF)

November 2015
November 2015 Agenda (PDF)
November 2015 Minutes (PDF)

April 2015
April 2015 Agenda (PDF)
April 2015 Minutes (PDF)

February 2015
February 2015 Agenda (PDF)
Meeting Cancelled

November 2014
November 2014 Agenda (PDF)
November 2014 Minutes (PDF)

April 2014
April 2014 Agenda (PDF)
April 2014 Minutes (PDF)

February 2014
February 2014 Agenda (PDF)
February 2014 Minutes (PDF)

November 2013
November 2013 Agenda (PDF)
November 2013 Minutes (PDF)

April 2013
April 2013 Agenda (PDF)
April 2013 Minutes (PDF)

February 2013
February 2013 Agenda (PDF)
February 2013 Minutes (PDF)

November 2012
November 2012 Agenda (PDF)
November 2012 Minutes (PDF)

May 2012
May 2012 Agenda (PDF)
May 2012 Minutes (PDF)

February 2012
February 2012 Agenda (PDF)
February 2012 Minutes (PDF)

November 2011
November 2011 Agenda (PDF)
November 2011 Minutes (PDF)

**Minutes from the meeting will be forwarded to the Library and Information Policy Committee.