Quality Customer Service Charter

As part of the University's Quality Customer Service Charter, a governance requirement of the Universities Act 1997, we maintain a Customer Charter, a means for feedback to be received in IT Services regarding the IT Service Desk service we provision and a formal complaint handling procedure. 

Customer charter

We want to deliver excellent customer services and continue to improve.  The IT Services customer charter is one of the ways we hope to improve the experience customers have when they access our services or information.  The customer charter has been introduced to tell you, as our customers, what standard of service you should expect when dealing with IT Service Desk.  It defines a high and consistent standard of customer care that we will strive to achieve.

IT Service Desk feedback

We welcome all your comments, general complaints, compliments and suggestions for change on the services from our IT Service Desk. Understanding your needs and our performance is important to us and because of this we value any feedback you can give us. Whether you had a great experience or felt that we could have done things better we would like to hear from you. Simply fill in and submit our survey online. Your feedback is invaluable in assisting us to constantly improve our services.

Formal complaint handling procedure

The following procedure will be followed for all formal customer complaints received by IT Services.  This quality procedure is in line with industry ‘best practice' and is designed to deliver a consistent, high-quality and accountable response to complaints.   The central point of contact for all IT Services matters is itservicedesk@tcd.ie.

Overview of the procedure

  1. Receive & classify
    We will ensure that all potential issues are captured by IT Services and classified for escalation, review and action as required. All complaints will be prioritised as follows:
    • Priority 1 - urgent, potential high business impact. A response to the customer’s complaint is required immediately within 3 working days.
    • Priority 2 - non-urgent, lower business impact. A response to the customer’s complaint within 2 working weeks.

  2. Acknowledge
    We will ensure that every complaint receives a formal acknowledgement, containing an expectation of when a customer will receive a response, and the name of the person dealing with the complaint.

  3. Investigate
    We will follow up all aspects of the complaint, both internal and external, to ensure that the key facts are identified and clarified.

  4. Resolve & confirm
    We will ensure that the final resolution is clear and fair. We will confirm the proposed action and resolution with relevant and appropriate members of IT Services and the customer. The review will include recognition and documentation of any underlying issues that have contributed to the complaint and recommendations for actions to prevent further occurrence.

  5. Respond to customer
    We will aim to provide the customer with the resolution within the timescales promised. If this cannot be done on time the customer should be contacted by telephone to request further time.

  6. Follow up
    We will ensure that complaints are followed up to confirm that customers are satisfied with the response given.

  7. QA & close
    We will ensure that the organisation as a whole is aware of complaints and any underlying issues. We will plan actions to remove these issues and prevent future recurrence.