Digital Signage

Consultancy, training, support & content provision

IT Services can provide initial consultancy and hardware advice with regards to purchasing and installing digital signage equipment.  However, training and on-going support must be arranged with the supplier at the time of purchase.  Content provision is the responsibility of the Area purchasing the equipment.

Purchasing & installation

If you are thinking of installing Digital Signage equipment there are a number of different steps to the installation process that you should be aware of, as outlined below. Note that only a registered member of Trinity staff can request this type of equipment be connected to the Trinity data network.

  • Contact the Trinity AV suppliers for quotes on the different types of equipment available
  • Contact the IT Service Desk to request a quote for network points in the location, if required
  • Contact Estates & Facilities to organise a power point at the location, if required
  • Complete the Network Request Form to have the digital signage device connected to the Trinity network. You will need to know the network adapter address for the digital signage device - you may need to contact the equipment supplier for this information. You should submit the network request in advance of the device being delivered, the network adapter address can be obtained from the supplier in advance. Please note it takes 3-5 days to process this network request.
  • If you plan on using a digital screen to link to the University's central digital information screen a request must be sent to the Communications Office at in advance of installing the unit.
  • It is also necessary for the correct visual identity templates to run on all digital information screens throughout the University. Please contact Orla Sweeney at for further detail on this.