Student email--Getting Help


Getting Help - Current Students

The answers to several common queries are outlined in our MyZone FAQ. If you need assistance in using the email, calendar, Drive and other facilities please refer to Google's learning centre, which can always be accessed via the Help link at the top of the screen when logged into MyZone.

If you are a current registered student and need assistance with MyZone password problems or technical email issues please contact the IT Service Desk.

It is important to note that the IT Service Desk is not in a position to assist with mobile device configuration issues, nor in the use of standard Gmail accounts or other Google services such as Google Chat or Google Sites.

MyZone is provided via Education Edition Google Apps and we encourage Trinity students to follow College's policies and guidelines regarding Data Management when working with intellectual property or any form of Trinity Confidential Data in Google Apps. Appropriate Use of the Trinity College Dublin Google Apps Education Edition Services are provided for information.


Getting Help - Alumni

The answers to several common queries are outlined in our MyZone FAQ.

If you are a Trinity alumni, support for the MyZone service is only available from the Trinity Alumni Relations Office and not from IT Services. You may contact the Trinity Alumni Relations Office at +353 (0)1 896 2088.

Trinity email for life is a privilege granted by the College and not an automatic right. The College, as the owner of the trademark Trinity College Dublin, retains, at its sole discretion, the right to withdraw email for life privileges.