IT Services Alerts - Staff email service: issues sending email externally to College, August 28th

Updated: Wednesday, 28th August 2013, 11.15am

There were issues this morning for staff sending email externally.  These issues were caused by the College Email Service being blocked from delivering email to anyone outside of College, because such large volumes of spam email were originating from College staff email addresses.  This spam email is being sent from College email accounts that have become compromised when staff have, inadvertently, fallen for a phishing scam.  

In the phishing scam a staff member has provided their College username and password to someone outside of College who has then used their College Email account to send out spam messages.  We need all staff to be aware of phishing, and to double-check all unsolicited email.

Phishing is a form of online fraud and typically you may receive an email or pop-up message that claims to be from IS Services or another business or organisation that you may have previously dealt with for example eBay or Bank of Ireland. The message may ask you to ‘update,’ ‘validate,’ or ‘confirm’ your account information.  Treat any email that asks for your username and password details with extreme caution. The consequences of falling victim to a phishing attempt as we have seen today are not limited to your own account, but do also affect the College community as a whole.

IS Services will contact staff:

  • every 6 months to remind you that your College password is due to expire
  • if you are leaving we will contact you about your College IT Account expiring
  • if you are coming close to reaching the limit on your mailbox quota

but we never ever ask for your username and password via email.  You can confirm any communications from us by referring to the news and alerts on our website or by contacting the Helpdesk. 

The issues sending email today seem to be resolved at present.  If you continue to experience any problems sending email please contact the IS Services Helpdesk