IT Services Alerts - Complete: College network services 'at risk', June 17th, 8am-8.30am

Update Posted: Monday, 17th June 2013, 9.45am

We are happy to report that the network upgrade works outlined below were completed successfully with no disruption to College network services.

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Update Posted: Friday, 14th June 2013, 4.45pm

In order to return network services to normal levels of resilience following work carried out on Thursday, 13th June, a period of slightly elevated risk to College data network services is required between 8am and 8.30am on Monday, 17th June.  No service interruption is anticipated and all systems will be actively monitored during and after the required work.

As had been previously notified, planned service improvement activities on the College network took place on the morning of Thursday, 13th June.  We are glad to report that there was no period of service downtime, as had been indicated.  Network services were scheduled to be 'at risk' from 8am to 9am that morning and currently this 'at risk' status is still in place, in regard to the level of resilience available for College network services.  Network users should be assured that all services continue to operate as usual at this time.

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First Posted: Wednesday, 12th June 2013, 1.20pm

As previously notified, and as part of a number of planned service improvement activities, please note that all College network services unavailable for an half-hour period between 7.30am and 8am on Thursday, 13th June, followed by a one-hour period of 'at-risk' from 8am to 9am. This work is required to resolve an issue which is placing College network services at risk on an on-going basis.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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