IT Services Alerts - Change to web server name for College webauthors

First Posted: Wednesday, 14th August 2013, 12pm

The information below is in reference to a technical change that is only of relevance to College webauthors who update College websites.  This change has no impact on those viewing College websites.

Last year we sent notification to all College webauthors regarding a small change to the settings used to connect to the College web server.  This change comes out of a programme of work to provide ‘high availability’ of the College web server in case of a system outage.

If you already carried out the steps outlined below, or if you are having no difficulty in connecting to the web server, then no further action is required at this point.  However if you are now having difficulty establishing a connection to the College web server then you may need to update the site definition settings in Dreamweaver, or whichever application you are using.

In brief the change is in what is often referred to as the ‘Host’ server. Previously you may have set this to ‘’ but this should now be set to ‘’. Instructions for the most commonly-used applications can be found via the following links.

Configuring Dreamweaver CS5, CS5.5 or CS6 - see step 7
Configuring Dreamweaver MX2004, 8, CS3 or CS4 - see step 6
Configuring SSH Secure File Transfer - see step 2
Configuring FileZilla - see step 5

If you require further assistance please contact the IS Services Helpdesk.