IT Services Alerts - Planned improvement activities & associated outages, June 2013

Updated: Monday, 24th June 2013, 1.10pm

HEAnet have informed us that the work scheduled for Thursday, 27th June, between 8am and 9am will not take place.  Instead this work is being scheduled for July 18th and will not involve any disruption of internet services as originally described below.

IS Services

First Posted: Friday, 31st May 2013, 3.45pm

IS Services are planning to carry out several continuous improvement activities on College computer and network services during June 2013.  These activities will upgrade the College network service and setup infrastructure necessary for our new data centres to meet the need for high availability for SITS, Finance and other critical IT services in College. 

Please note the following dates which will result in scheduled service 'at-risk' periods where services remain in operation, but may be at a higher-than-usual-risk of failure, and downtime periods where services are unavailable.  The 'at-risk' and downtime periods have been agreed with representatives from across College.

Network upgrade activities:

1. Thursday, 6th June, 8am-9am:  All College network services at risk, with a minimum of two 5-minute periods when no services will be available, followed by an additional one-hour 'at-risk' period from 9am to 10am.  This work is necessary prior to work to be carried out by HEAnet, starting on 11th June and described below.

2. Tuesday, 11th June to Thursday, 27th June:  Due to upgrade works undertaken by HEAnet on behalf of TCD, UCD and DCU this will be an elevated 'at-risk' period for the usual operation of internet access from the College network. The purpose of this activity is to remediate a high-level risk, by the removal of a single point of failure of connectivity to/from the internet.

3. Thursday, 13th June,  7.30am-8am:  All College network services unavailable for this half-hour period, followed by a one-hour period of 'at-risk' from 8am to 9am.  This work is required to resolve an issue which is placing College network services at risk on an on-going basis.

4. Thursday, 27th June, 8am-9am:  All College network services at risk, with a single 10-minute period when internet access from the College Network will be unavailable.  This work is required to complete the work being carried out by HEAnet, as descibed above.

New infrastructure services in Green Data Centre:

1. Wednesday, 5th June, 7.30am-7.45am:  Works to enable new services to be offered from the Data Centre will require a single 5-to-15-minute period when there will be no access to SITS (  This activity is to move key College data infrastructure to the new Green Data Centre, providing for high availability.

IS Services