IT Services Alerts - Resolved: Intermittent network service disruption, May 23rd

Update: Thursday, 23rd May, 2.45pm

Network services have been restored in Houses 38 and 40 and there do not appear to be any remaining network service issues in the rest of College.

Update: Thursday, 23rd May, 2.33pm

We are receiving reports of intermittent issues with network connectivity and specific systems such as the staff email service from around College, in addition to the specific issues in Houses 38 and 40 mentioned below.  We are looking into these issues as a matter of urgency and updates will be posted here.

First Posted: Thursday, 23rd May 2013, 2pm

IS Services are aware of a data network issue affecting connectivity for those in Houses 38 and 40.  We are looking into the cause of these issues and updates will be posted here.  We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

IS Services