IT Services Alerts - Fraudulent emails with subject 'Your Mailbox Has Exceeded It Storage Limit' or subject 'Help Desk'

First Posted: 9th April 2013, 3.15pm

Several users have reported receiving the emails outlined below. Please ignore these emails should you receive them as they are fraudulent and are a 'phishing' attempt. The emails should be deleted. If you have replied to these emails or clicked on the links contained in the email body please report to the IS Services Helpdesk at the earliest opportunity. An overview of the email content is provided below.

IS Services

--------------------Start of Fraudulent Email Message 1--------------------

From: Trinity College, Dublin
Sent: 2 April 2013 18:20
Subject: Your Mailbox Has Exceeded It Storage Limit

Your mailbox has exceeded the storage limit as set by your administrator it, and you will no longer receive new mails until you re-validate. To re validate - Click Here:

Trinity College, Dublin System Administrator

----------------------End of Fraudulent Email Message 1---------------------


--------------------Start of Fraudulent Email Message 2--------------------

From: phil halligan
Sent: 3 April 2013 14:03
Subject: Help Desk

Your Web Mailbox size is 164899 KB. This warning is sent when your mailbox is over Quota 160000 KB Account Would be suspended if you do not upgrade your account after receiving this warning.For upgrade CLICK HERE:

Thank you.
Help Desk

----------------------End of Fraudulent Email Message 2---------------------