IT Services Alerts - HPRC compute and hosted services unavailable, February 26th, 9am-1pm

First Posted: Friday, 22nd February 2013, 9.30am

In order to facilitate electrical works to the HPRC server room in the Lloyd Building, there will be a full power shutdown on Tuesday, 26th February.  All HPRC compute services and hosted services will be unavailable from 9am until 1pm on Tuesday, 26th February.  Once power has been restored, non-compute services will be restored.

The affected services are typically those used by certain members of the College research community and so are separate from core College IT services such as internet and email, which are unaffected by this work.

Clusters (Lonsdale, Parsons, Kelvin) will remain offline until 1pm on Wednesday, 27th February.  This downtime window will be used to perform system upgrades.  The GPFS cluster filesystems (/home /projects and /gscratch) will also be unavailable during this period.

Local logins to Computational Spintronics Group desktops will be unavailable during the advertised period on Tuesday, 26th February.  However login to other desktops in the HPRC network will be available, with full access to the internet and to the rest of the College network, but should be considered 'at risk' between 9am and 1pm on Tuesday 26th February.

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