IT Services Alerts - Resolved: Registration issues for some users of TCDconnect service

Updated: Thursday, 21st February 2013, 12.50pm

This issue has now been resolved and so students needing to access certain websites to install software required during the TCDconnect registration process will be able to do so.

IS Services

First Posted: Wednesday, 20th February 2013, 5pm

IS Services have identified an issue which will affect some students attempting to register a device for the TCDconnect service.  Those who pass the security scan will be able to proceed and register successfully.  For some users who fail the security scan there may be issues accessing the websites that contain the downloads required to bring the computer into specification and so pass the security scan.  We are continuing to work on this issue and updates will be posted here.  We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

IS Services