IT Services Alerts - Fraudulent email from: 'Nicole Kett' and with subject: Mail From Help Desk

First Posted: Thursday, 31st January, 2013, 12pm

Several users have reported receiving the email outlined below. Please ignore this email should you receive it as it is fraudulent and is a 'phishing' attempt. The email should be deleted. If you have replied to this email or clicked on the link contained in the email body please report to the IS Services Helpdesk at the earliest opportunity. An overview of the email content is provided below.

IS Services

--------------------Start of Fraudulent Email Message--------------------

Attention Web-mail User:

An attempt was made to connect your account from a new
computer. For your account security, click the link below
and fill accurate details to protect your account.

Copy or Click here:

System Administrator.
WARNING! Protect your privacy.
Logout When You Are Done And Completely.

----------------------End of Fraudulent Email Message---------------------