IT Services Alerts - Intermittent issues with black and white Datapac printers/photocopiers

Update: Tuesday, 29th January 2013, 12pm

A small remaining number of the black and white printers/photocopiers will be unavailable tomorrow for periods of 90 mins each in order for Datapac to complete the necessary work.

IS Services

Update: Monday, 28th January 2013, 4pm

Datapac have informed us that some of the black and white printers/photocopiers have been out of service today as a continuation of the essential maintenance that was started on Friday 25th January.  If you encounter a unit that is out of service then please be aware that you can release your print jobs from any available unit in the College computer rooms and Libraries.  Further updates will be posted here.

IS Services

First Posted: Friday, 25th January 2013, 9.20am

In order to resolve an issue with the black and white Datapac printers/photocopiers, each individual printer will be unavailable for a period of up to 90 mins during the day.  As always, we'd like to remind you that students and staff can release their print job from any Datapac printer in College should the one closest to them be out of service.  IS Services would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

IS Services