IT Services Alerts - Issue with online form submission to email, December 19th

Updated: Friday 21st December 4.30pm

Records indicate that up to 80 emails containing submitted form data from across all College websites were not delivered during the period between 7pm on Tuesday 18th December and 4.45pm on Wednesday 19th December.

Affected users will not have received any errors or messages indicating the submission failure and so may not have realised their submission was unsuccessful.  These users will have to fill in and submit the relevant form once more, once they realise or are notified that their initial submission was unsuccessful.

IS Services would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

IS Services

Update: Wednesday 19th December 4.55pm

The underlying issue has been resolved, however online form data submitted from College web forms as email in the period from 7pm on 18th December to 4.45pm on 19th December has possibly been lost.  This does not affect forms that submit to a web database, only those that submit directly to a College email address.

IS Services

First Posted: Wednesday 19th December 4.45pm

IS Services have received reports that several online forms on the College website are not successfully submitting data to the relevant email addresses.  After filling in an affected form and hitting the Submit button users seem to be receiving the usual report indicating successful submission of data, but the data is not being received by the email recipient.

This issue does not affect forms that submit only to web databases.

IS Services are investigating this issue; please check back for updates.

IS Services