IT Services Alerts - One-hour period of downtime to all College Wi-Fi services, December 19th, 8am - 9am

First posted: Friday, 14th December 2012, 10am

As previously emailed to all staff & students, please note that there will be an one-hour period of scheduled downtime to all College Wi-Fi services on Wednesday, 19th December, between 8am & 9am. Additionally, staff and students should be aware that there will also be a single 10-minute Wi-Fi outage on a phased basis across College, on Wednesday, 19th December, at 9am, followed by an ‘at-risk’ period until 2pm.

This work will enable ISS to develop and deliver new and existing IT services and increase technological efficiency and value.  In an effort to minimise disruption during the College teaching terms, some work had been postponed and rescheduled for a time within this window.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

IS Services