IT Services Alerts - 1-minute network outage and data network services 'at risk' in East End areas, August 2nd, 8am-9am

First Posted: Tuesday, 31st July 2012, 4.40pm

Due to essential maintenance to networking equipment serving the East end of College there will be a very short disruption to data network services in that part of College, lasting no more than 1 minute, between 8am and 9am this Thursday 2nd August.  The disruption will be experienced at different times dependent on location.  A list of affected locations is provided below.  During the period 8am to 9am all data network services should be considered 'at risk' in these locations.  IS Services would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

List of affected locations:

  • Computer Science
  • Museum building
  • Chemistry
  • Hamilton Library
  • Genetics
  • Laser Hut
  • East End

IS Services