IT Services Alerts - Resolved: Wi-Fi network issues in East End of College, July 30th

Update: Monday 30th July 2012, 10.45am

All Wi-Fi services have returned to normal and there should be no remaining issues with wired or wireless data network connectivity.

IS Services

Update: Monday 30th July 2012, 10.40am

The latest information is that there should not be any issues with wired network connectivity in the East end of College, only with Wi-Fi.  However, there is a separate and unrelated problem with computer account lockouts that is leading to some people being able to login to any College computers currently.  There is a separate alert with more information on the account lockout issue.

IS Services

First posted: Monday 30th July 2012, 10.14am

There was a hardware failure on a distribution switch on Sunday 29th July at 4:00pm. This caused a data network outage in the East end of College, including Hamilton Building, CRANN, Lloyd, SNIAMS, Genetics, Computer Science and Biosciences.

IS Services staff arrived on campus yesterday evening, Sunday, to resolve this problem, however there are some residual Wi-Fi issues which IS Services are currently investigating.

IS Services