IT Services Alerts - Network services outage Friday 29th June

Update: 11.03 Tuesday 3rd July 2012

On Friday 29th June at 14:46, as part of routine maintenance and operations work, an additional new network switch was connected to the College network which caused all switches on the College network (on campus and in offsite locations) to lose a vital part of their configuration leading to a network outage. All services dependent upon the College data network were impacted until data network stability was restored at 15:30.

IS Services would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.  Existing processes and technologies are being reviewed and updated to prevent future recurrance.

IS Services


Update: 14:45 Monday 2nd July 2012

Information regarding the underlying cause of the outage on the afternoon of Friday 29th June will be posted here. There has been no recurrance of the issues experienced that day.

IS Services


Update: 16:24 Friday 29th June 2012

Full service has now been resumed to both network and email services following earlier outage.


Update: 16:07 Friday 29th June 2012

Full network and email services are gradually becoming available.


Update: 15:51 Friday 29th June 2012

IS Services working to assertain cause of issues and resolution of full service. Network issues first reported at approximately 14.45


First posted: 15:32 Friday 29th June 2012

We are aware that users have been experiencing issues connecting to the College network. A limited number of network services are now back online. IS Services are currently investigating. Updates to follow. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

IS Services.