IT Services Alerts - Problem Logging into Macs in College Computer Rooms, February 24th

Updated: 9am, Monday 28th February 2011

Normal access to the Macs in the College Computer Rooms was restored by 10am on Friday, 25th February.  IS Services would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

IS Services Helpdesk


Updated: 11am, Thursday 24th February 2011

It is now possible to login to the Macs in the College Computer Rooms.  However access to some services may not be available and work is underway to restore access to affected services.  One issue is that there is no desktop icon available to access Personal Filestorage.  Instead users must carry out the steps below to access this folder.

  1. From the main menu click on Go and Connect To Server (or press the Apple key and ‘k’ together).
  2. In the server address box, type in smb://ntserver-quota/staffa/username or smb://ntserver-quota/studenta/username replacing 'a' with the first letter of your username, and replacing 'username' with your College username.
  3. You should receive a filesystem authentication box asking for username and password. Please enter your College username and network password. (Note: the username is set to your Mac username by default, so you will need to change it to your College username).
  4. Once the username and password are entered in, click ok and the parent folder should be mounted on your desktop and your filestorage folder will be opened.

IS Services Helpdesk


First Posted: 9.15am, Thursday 24th February 2011

There is an issue currently whereby it is not possible to login to any of the Macs in the College computer rooms.  IS Services staff are working to resolve this issue and this page will be updated with the latest information.

IS Services Helpdesk