IT Services Alerts - Podcasting service scheduled downtime & TCD iTunes U 'at risk', May 31st, 3am-7am

First Posted: Tuesday, 29th May 2012, 12.45pm
Updated: Wednesday, 30th May 2012, 9.15am

The College podcasting service, accessed via, will be unavailable for essential system maintenance between 3am and 7am on Thursday the 31st of May 2012. During that time it will not be possible to submit or upload new podcasts, nor view or download existing podcasts.  Also during this period access to TCD Podcasts hosted in iTunes U should be considered at risk.

Subsequently, between 7am and 10am, the podcasting service and iTunes U access should be considered 'at risk' while system integrity is checked. In the unlikely event of a problem being detected any necessary remedial work will be carried out in this period.

IS Services would like to apologise for any inconvenience which this essential downtime may cause.

IS Services