IT Services Alerts - Scheduled 10-min downtime to core network services & 3-min downtime to wireless services, 31st May 2012

Updated: Thursday, 31st May 2012, 11.40am

The work outlined below has now been completed successfully.

IS Services

First Posted: Thursday, 24th May 2012, 4.30pm

IS Services are carrying out some planned testing and upgrades which we wish to bring to your attention.  Following the end of the exams period, these works are to improve wireless network services, test the resiliency of the backup power system for the central computer room and to facilitate upgrade works associated with the GeneSIS project.

  • On Wednesday 30th May between 1pm and 5pm all wireless services should be considered ‘at risk’, with no service disruption anticipated.
  • On Wednesday 30th May between 6pm and 6.15pm, there will be a routine power-failure test to the College central computer room.  During this at-risk period the facilities in question will be provided with electrical power by means of an existing emergency backup system.  No interruption to central IT and and data network services is anticipated.
  • On Thursday 31st May between 8am and 9am, to facilitate upgrade works associated with the GeneSIS system, there will be a 10-minute disruption to core network services including internet access and VPN.  Relevant services should be considered at risk during this 8am to 9am period.  A full list of affected services is available below.
  • On Thursday 31st May between 9am and 1pm users of wireless network services will experience a 3-minute outage.  Depending on your location this outage will take place at a different time during the 9am to 1pm period.

IS Services would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by these upgrades and service disruptions.

IS Services


List of core network services affected by 10-minute disruption on 31st May between 8am and 9am

  • External internet access service
  • GeneSIS service
  • Updates to College web pages on
  • WebCT service
  • VPN service
  • Access to staff email service from outside College
  • Password manager service
  • Helpdesk online service
  • TCD Portal services
    • Student Information System (SIS)
    • Research Support System (RSS)
    • Asset Register
    • Telephone Billing System
    • PAC
    • Student Finder
    • Travel Insurance
    • Fees e-Pay (Student Fee Payment System)
    • Fees PPSN
    • Fees Tax Cert
    • Data Reconciliation Module (DRM)
    • Application Tracking
    • ARAM
  • TCD Blogging service
  • Library online service
  • Library Ezproxy service
  • Library manuscripts
  • Federated access services
  • MyZone change password
  • MyZone registration
  • Access to SharePoint from outside College
  • Staff Office e-recruit
  • e-Reports (Financial Reporting System)
  • Peoplefinder
  • Tara IR Service
  • Accomodation Office services
  • WiSER
  • Nursing attendance
  • Nursing allocations system online
  • College video streaming management service
  • TCDconnect remote scan service
  • TCD Students mobile app service
  • Access to internal podcast server from outside College