IT Services Alerts - 'TCD Students' App: planned downtime for some services between 7am and 9am, March 1st

First Posted: Monday, 27th February 2012, 11.45am

We have been informed by the supplier of the TCD Students app they have scheduled a period of downtime for infrastructure upgrades on Thursday 1st March between 7am and 9am, with a further 'at-risk' period until 10am.

The interruption in service will affect some aspects of the TCD Students app, including:

  • New registrations
  • Updates to existing cached data
  • Mobile web-based interfaces to campusM

Users with existing installations of the TCD Students app will still have access to most of the app functionality, including:

  • Campus maps
  • Pocket guides
  • News and events

The supplier will monitor their systems during this period, and re-establish service as soon as the maintenance work is complete.

IS Services Helpdesk