IT Services Alerts - Biosciences building network connectivity issues, February 2nd

Updated: Friday, 3rd February, 4pm

All reported residual incidents in the Biosciences building resulting from yesterday's disruption to network connectivty have now been resolved.

IS Services Helpdesk

Updated: Friday, 3rd February, 11.15am

With the assistance of the external maintenance providers network services were restored to the Biosciences building at 7pm on Thursday 2nd February.  IS Services have been monitoring the service since then and some residual issues have been noted and are being actively followed up.

IS Services Helpdesk

Updated: Thursday, 2nd February, 4pm

The underlying cause of the network connectivity issue in the Biosciences building is still yet to be determined.  IS Services are continuing to work with the suppliers to identify and resolve the issue.

IS Services Helpdesk

First Posted: Thursday, 2nd February 2012, 2pm

IS Services are aware of an issue affecting network connectivity for some users of wired and wireless network services in the Biosciences building on Pearse Street.  The underlying cause of the issue is yet to be determined and IS Services are working with the relevant suppliers to identify and resolve the problem.

Further updates will be posted to this web page.  IS Services would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

IS Services Helpdesk