IT Services Alerts - Updated: Wi-Fi connectivity issues, December 8th

Updated: Friday 8th December 12:22

We are satisfied that the WiFi connectivity issues some users experienced in various areas of campus this week are now resolved.

In order to reinstate a piece of infrastructure that was taken out of service during yesterday’s fix for this issue there will be an “at risk” period for WiFi services between 13:30 and 14:00 today.

We do not anticipate there will be any loss of service during this work.

Updated: Thursday 7th December 16:37

Following further investigations this afternoon, IT Services believe the root cause has been identified for the recent intermittent Wi-Fi issues and a fix has been applied. IT Services will continue to monitor the wireless environment and will post a further status update by 10:00 am tomorrow, Friday 8th December.

Updated: Thursday 7th December 14:30

IT Services are aware of Wi-Fi connectivity issues that appear to be sporadically and intermittently affecting some users in many varied locations on campus. These issues are still under investigation and a number of infrastructure changes have been undertaken over the past few days in an effort to identify the root cause.

While we acknowledge that quite a few users are experiencing significant inconvenience and difficulty with the network, it should be noted that the vast majority of Wi-Fi users do not appear to be experiencing connectivity problems and the daily user figures are normal with over 11,000 users concurrently connected during the peak afternoon usage period.

A number of IT services personnel have been and are currently on-site in various locations from which problems have been reported over the past few days to assess the situation. The issue is being looked at from both the client side and the infrastructure side by the respective IT Services teams and is being worked on as a matter of highest priority.

A further update will be posted by 17:00 today.

Updated:  Wednesday 6th December 16:30

Further essential maintenance will be carried out tomorrow morning, Thursday 7th, between 07:30 - 09:00.

While we anticipate no disruption to Wi-Fi connectivity, there is an "at risk" period for this window with an elevated risk period from 07:30-08:00 during which some local disruption may occur.

Updated: Wednesday 6th December 15:30

Further maintenance will be carried out this afternoon, while there is no anticipated disruption to service, there will be an "at risk" period for Wi-Fi connectivity on campus between 15:45-17:00 today 6th December.

Updated: Wednesday 6th December 09:30

The essential maintenance was conducted successfully by 08:30 this morning.

Updated: Tuesday 5th December, 17:05

In light of the reported Wi-Fi issues in a number of areas in the College, IT Services will perform essential maintenance at 08:00 on Wednesday 6th December at 08:00

First Posted: Tuesday 5th December 2017

IT Services are aware of and currently investigating a number of reported Wi-Fi connectivity issues (TBSI, Museum Building, Ussher Library). This alert will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

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