IT Services Alerts - RESOLVED: Scheduled service outages to resolve CISCO voicemail issue., August 25th, 19:00-19:30

Resolved:28th August 09:00

The update work has been completed successfully and all services to phones and voicemail services to Cisco IP phones have been returned in full.

First Posted: Wednesday, August 23rd at 15:25

There will be a scheduled outage to the telephone service on Friday 25th August from 19:00-19:30.

In conjunction with our supplier Damovo, we have been working to resolve an issue experienced by Cisco IP phone users, who have been unable to forward their phone extensions to voicemail (Ext: 2922). We have now identified the solution and will be applying the update to the server to remedy this issue and have identified the above timeframe as least likely to cause disturbance. Once the update is applied Cisco extensions will have the functionality of diverting all calls to voicemail and not just unanswered calls as is the current situation.

What does this mean for me:

During the update window Friday 25th August, 19:00-19:30 your desk telephone extension service will be unavailable, this will mean that no calls can be placed from or to your desk phone.

Direct lines, for example, emergency Eir lines, will not be affected by the 30min update window, and the Security Centre backup direct line (01. 6772951) will remain operational.

Once the 30min window has passed all telephone functions will return to full operation.

Please pass details of this message to any postgraduate colleagues working in office or labs in your area.

We sincerely apologise for any disruption this may cause. 

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