IT Services Alerts - RESOLVED: Planned upgrade of PCs in ITServices Computer Rooms August 15th-September 5th

Updated: Wednesday 13th September

All PC rooms have been upgraded and are now open for use.

First Posted: Thursday 10th August, 09:40

IT Services are upgrading the PCs in the following rooms from Tuesday 15th August. Ham3 will be closed from Tuesday the 15th of August.  These rooms will be reopened as they are completed, further information will be provided here.

  • The Hamilton PC rooms will be closed from Friday the 25th of August to facilitate upgrades. Ham1, Ham2, Ham4, The Ussher Library and the 1937 PC room will be closed at various times over the week 29th  August to the 1st of September

  • The upgrade of the Ussher PC room will run from Thursday the 31st  to Friday 1st of September. The basement in the 1937 will be upgraded on Friday the 1st of August

  • The Ussher 24 hour room will be closed on Monday the 4th and 5th of September to facilitate the upgrade of Pc’s in the room

  • The 1937 basement room will be closed on Tuesday the 5th of September to facilitate the upgrade of the pc’s in the basement of the 1937 pc room


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