IT Services Alerts - RESOLVED: Essential annual patching to Linux kernels, August 1st, 07:00

Updated: Tuesday, Augst 1st, 09:00

Patching has been successfully applied and all services are accessible and fully resilient.


First Posted: Monday, July 31st, 14:00

Due to essential annual patching, the Linux kernels will require rebooting, this process takes less than 45 seconds per kernel. As such there will be downtime of less than one minute for services, detailed below, from 7 am on 1st August.

What does this mean for me:

From 7 am there will be no access to the following services for 45 seconds during reboot:

•  - website admins for tcdlife will be unable to access their website
•    wwwpub– website admins will be unable to login and upload/download from the webserver
•    bulletin board – there will be no access to bulletin board messages.
•    There will also be a 38 second delay to email access and reduced resilience to during the 45 second reboot.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this essential patching may cause.

IT Services