IT Services Alerts - Incorrect Notification of IT Account Deletion, July 7th

Update Posted: Monday 10th July, 10:00am

We can confirm that over the weekend we have corrected the problem with incorrect IT Account expiry dates on the system.  We have sent an email to all students who were affected by this issue to confirm that the incorrect expiry on their IT Account has been removed.

IT Services apologise for the confusion that this has caused.

Update Posted: Friday 7th July, 18:15pm

We know that a large number of students received an email from IT Services with the Subject Line: IT Services | Your Trinity computer account, USERNAME, will expire on 21/07/2017.  We can confirm that this email was generated due to an underlying error that occurred in our systems at lunchtime today.  

We are are working to correct the problem and can confirm that no student's Computer Account will be deleted due this mistake.

The automatically generated email was communicated in error and should be ignored.   As we correct the problem on the system students may now receive an email that advises that their Computer Account has been unexpired.

IT Services sincerely apologise for any confusion that this has caused.

First Posted: Friday 7th July, 15:00pm

IT Services have received numerous calls this afternoon from continuing students who are reporting that they have received an email informing them that their Trinity IT Account is due to be deleted on 21 July 2017.

We are currently investigating why this email has been incorrectly sent to a number of students today and we will provide further update later this afternoon.

IT Services