IT Services Alerts - RESOLVED: Intermittent internet access, June 28th

Resolved: Wednesday 28th June, 17:30

The underlying issue causing the interruptions in service has been fully resolved, and the network is back to full resilience.

Update: Wednesday 28th June, 15:30

Normal levels of service for accessing the Internet and IT services on the Trinity Network has currently been restored.  IT Services have identified the underlying cause of the interruption to normal service and have been able to implement a workaround that has restored the usual levels of connectivity to IT services.  We continue to work to resolve the underlying problem and may have to alert you to further planned service interruptions in order that we can completely restore the service to standard operation.  

First Posted: Wednesday 28th June, 14:56

IT Services are currently investigating intermittent internet access issues. This alert will be updated when more details become available.

IT Services