IT Services Alerts - RESOLVED: Reduced resilience to internet connection from 19-21 May, due to essential disaster recovery upgrade., May 19th, 00:00-23:50

Resolved: Tuesday 23rd May, 08:39

Work has been carried out successfully and full resilience has been restored to internet connectivity.

IT Services

First Posted: Thursday 18th May, 09:10

 IT Services in partnership with Estates and Facilities will be carrying out essential maintenance on the weekend of 19-21st May. This work will provide disaster recovery power backup to our secondary data centre in the Lloyd Building, giving improved resilience to this data centre.

During the installation, our connection to the HEA Net, our providers of internet services, will run from its backup power supply.

While we foresee no expected interruption of service, our connection will be running on reduced resilience from the 19th to 21st May inclusive.

What does this mean for me:

There should be no interruption to internet services during this time, however there is an elevated risk during this period of possible interruption internet access.

Further updates to follow.

IT Services